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    MITEF Think Tank Session III: The Future of Retail
    We invite seasoned and fresh innovators, entrepreneurs who are currently monetizing the changing landscape, representatives from within the retail industry as well as investors who provide the capital that moves the needle. Together, we will talk about challenges, solutions, and innovations in the space. Bright minds with an interest in the changes in retail and a willingness to actively contribute to the session are welcome.

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    Billion-Dollar UX How UX Has Become Key to Massive Product Valuations Exits
    Imagine you`re a 23 year-old Stanford undergrad. You`ve created a mobile app that has no revenue model and is free. 17 months after your first seed round of under $500K, your app is enjoying 400 million customer transactions a day with a team of under 30 employees, and you smugly decline a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. Of course, this actually happened in 2013 with Snapchat.

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    Global Innovation

    Change: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet Is Changing Our Lives
    Change: is the sixth issue of BBVA’s annual book series devoted to exploring the key issues of our time. This year, the chosen subject is the Internet, the single most powerful vector of change in recent history.

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    Texas (Houston) Business

    Big Data-2014-Intro
    This is the introduction to the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas Flagship on "BIG DATA". Dave Hansen talks about the MIT Enterprise Forum and thanks our event sponsor MRE Consulting for making this program possible. Stephen Webster from MRE talks about MRE and being a sponsor. Roberta Kowalishin, who organized the program, introduces the subject of BIG DATA and the panelists.

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