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    Leonidas Alexopoulos- Biotechnology in Greece. Pros & Cons
    Leonidas Alexopoulos, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at NTUA, speaks about pros & cons of Biotechnology in Greece. The speech is in Greek.

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    The Future of Sex — or, How to Make Complex Technological Concepts Completely Irresistible
    Innovators who are skilled at communicating their latest breakthrough idea can change the thinking in their field, bring new technologies and science into the world, and offer solutions that make a difference. It was our honor to feature Whitehead Director and McArthur Fellow Dr. David Page and Tami Kesselman, Chief Solutions Officer, SolveForGood, in discussion of communication insights, techniques and war stories of communicating complex concepts to a wide range of audiences.

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    Connected Healthcare: Wellness and Emerging Technology
    The panelists will share their experience and vision on what the future may hold and how it will impact current business models. Special attention will be paid to mobile tech and remote monitoring technologies.

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    Texas (Houston)Biomedicine

    DNA Testing and the Impact on Genealogy -- Questions and Answers with Bennett Greenspan
    Bennett Greenspan, the founder of "Family Tree DNA", answers questions from the audience about DNA testing and the impact on Genealogy, Anthropology, and Medicine. The MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas/BioHouston program was held at the BioScience Research Collaborative in Houston Texas on April 28, 2015.

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    Boomers, Technology & Health: Consumers Taking Charge
    Will boomers demand and drive the “consumerization” of health? What role will mobile, social networking and data technologies play? As an affluent group who adopts technology with enthusiasm and is willing to try new brands, it will be fascinating to watch how innovative companies develop and market tech-enabled products and services to meet the demands and lifestyles of this iconic generation.

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    Interview with Claudia D'Augusta, CFO TiGenix
    M. Alvaro Berbís interviews Claudia D'Augusta, CFO TiGenix, who shares her views on the key elements that a biotech startup must have in order to be successful. For such a startup to be attractive to investors, its management team and the soundness of its technology are its principal assets, and, as it grows more mature, becoming a publicly traded company is a good means to access to additional funding.

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    Serafim Batzoglou presenting the future prospects of genome sequencing
    Serafim Batzoglou, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, Department of Computer Science, presenting the future prospects and growth of genome sequencing at the event “Research and Business opportunities in Genomics and Biotech”.

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    The Age of "Big Data" in Bioscience is Here
    A distinguished panel of experts will discuss managing and protecting "Big data" as i) intellectual property, ii) trade secrets and iii) open source. We will explore opportunities and challenges including storage and access issues, data protection, ownership (who owns the "$1,000 genome" data the producer or the purchaser?) and future advances in analysis and utility.

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    Texas (Houston)Biomedicine

    The Advances in DNA Testing and the Impact on Genealogy, Anthropology, and Medicine -- Bennett Greenspan
    Bennett Greenspan, the founder of "Family Tree DNA", talks about the advances in the technology for DNA testing and the impact on Genealogy and Anthropology. The MIT Enterprise Form of Texas and BioHouston program was held at the BioScience Research Collaborative in Houston Texas on April 28, 2015

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    Research and Business opportunities in Genomics and Biotech event - panel & Q&A's in Greek language
    Watch the panel with Manolis Kellis, Associate Professor with tenure MIT Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, Leonidas Alexopoulos, Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering Group Leader, Systems Biology and Bioengineering Group National Technical University of Athens and Peristera Paschou, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics Democritus University of Thrace

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