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    Capitalize on the Phenomenal Growth in Emerging Markets
    Come listen to experts on practical techniques that both small and large companies can employ now in order to sell into emerging markets, including hiring sales representatives, establishing an office, or acquiring a complementary company.

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    Texas (Houston)Business

    Big Data-2014-Intro
    This is the introduction to the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas Flagship on "BIG DATA". Dave Hansen talks about the MIT Enterprise Forum and thanks our event sponsor MRE Consulting for making this program possible. Stephen Webster from MRE talks about MRE and being a sponsor. Roberta Kowalishin, who organized the program, introduces the subject of BIG DATA and the panelists.

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    The Future of Work: How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life
    Professor Malone states that we are in the early stages of a revolution in business that may ultimately be as profound as the American and the French revolutions in the late 1700s. Like the democratic revolution that changed the role of government, the revolution in business will lead to a world where people have more freedom, a world in which more and more people are at the center of their own organizations and will enjoy greater decision making capacity.

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    The Art of Negotiation
    "The Art of Negotiation" was a conference that was hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel at Tel Aviv University.

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    Pan Arab RegionBusiness

    5th MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan Competition
    Here's a glimpse of the 2012 Business Plan Competition from the day it was launched in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on September 29, 2011until the Final Award Ceremony in Dubai (UAE) on June 28, 2012.

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    Analytics at KAYAK - Kosmas Karadimitriou
    Kosmas Karadimitriou, Ph.D, Director of Data Science and Analytics at KAYAK, speaks about analytics and how to make a company more profitable.

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    San DiegoBusiness

    PureForge: September 2012 Case Study
    Promotional teaser for September 2012 case study - PureForge. PureForge makes brake rotors that don't wear out. Their business model is to sell brakes as a service.

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    Business of Microbreweries Part II of II - Innovation Series
    Six microbrewery founders describe the trials and tribulations of starting and growing their businesses. They reveal some of the business and regulation challenges that exist in this market sector. See Part I from the video list or at

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    Texas (Houston)Business

    The Amazing Houston Success Story-- Compaq Computer.....Introductions
    This is the introduction to the MIT Enterprise Flagship Program "The Amazing Houston Success Story--Compaq Computer. The Chairman for the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas, David Hansen talks about the MIT Enterprise Forum and the event sponsor who made this program possible, Comcast Business

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    SAP recipe for success - Alexandra Kokkini
    Alexandra Kokkini Director of Operations, SAP Hellas, speaks about the Big Data revolution and evolution, and the one to one engaging relations with the clients.

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