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    Cleantech: Smarter Energy
    MIT Enterprise Forum brings you top speakers who have solutions available today, within the existing regulatory and business framework in North America.

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    Texas (Houston)Energy

    Energy Storage with Donald Sadoway- Introductions
    Introduction to February 18, 2015 MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas Flagship Program with MIT Profressor Donald Sadoway. David Hansen describes the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas, Clif Triplet describes SIM, and Alan Cordova discusses NRG's sponsorship. (21 minutes)

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    Event Highlights: "Big Bang Energy Disruption" - November 19, 2013
    The current business models for the production and distribution of energy are under threat from numerous disruptive innovations, from renewables to efficiency to alternative modes of transportation. What technologies are happening in our region now that will have major impacts on business and our urban environment and lives ten, twenty or fifty years from now?

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    Business Plan Presentations: Getting the Green out of Green Tech
    Critiquing our presenters will be a distinguished panel of experts, investors and green technology influencers from all corners of the clean tech community.

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    Texas (Houston)Energy

    Question and Answers with Professor Donald Sadoway talking about the Advances in Energy Storage and a New Generation of Cost Effective Batteries for the Grid
    Question and Answers at the end of the MITEF Flagship program with MIT Professor Donald Sadoway talking about Advances in Energy Storage and a New Generation of Cost Effective, Liquid metal batteries for the electrical grid. (34 minutes)

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    Smart Cities 101: Massively Connected Objects Give Rise to a Sea of Opportunity
    Many everyday objects are becoming embedded with sensors giving them the ability to communicate data with one another. Almost any device with an electrical pulse can become Internet-enabled, allowing data to be shared and reported in new ways.

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    Cleantech - Scaling to Growth
    Hear from national project developer Constellation Energy on the emerging technologies they seek for internal deployment and the corporate milestones they look for emerging ventures to demonstrate, hear from both the CEO and VC of NY based Primet Materials (battery applications) on their path to Series C >$10M. Network with investors and other entrepreneurs growing their firms.

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    Texas (Houston)Energy

    A Revolutionary New Battery for Grid Energy Storage -- MIT Professor Donald Sadoway
    One of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in the world, MIT Professor Donald Sadoway, describes the development of a new revolutionary, cost effective, and very durable grid storage liquid metal battery which will revolutionize the electric grid and solve energy storage problems for renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. The presentation was made at the February 18, 2015 MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas program in Houston, TX.

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    Entrepreneurial Funding for Cleantech: New Opportunites
    Join us for an unusual opportunity to hear from leaders in the field of cleantech as they share their own work and comment on trends for start up cleantech ventures working with Big Cleantech Resources.

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    Texas (Houston)Energy

    MIT Professor Richard Lester at the Energy Makers Show in Houston [Part 2]
    This is Part 2 of an interview with MIT Professor Richard Lester at the Energy Makers Show in Houston, TX prior to the MIT Enterprise Forum Texas Flagship Program in Houston.

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