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    NYCFinance & VC

    Business Plan Presentations: Innovations in Digital Commerce
    Join us as we hear from 5 early-stage companies, each of whom will have 5 minutes to pitch their e-commerce-related business, followed by engaging commentary and critique from our distinguished panelists and audience.

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    NorthwestFinance & VC

    Meet the Angels
    Angel organizations connect entrepreneurs and investors. This exclusive, once-a-year-only event provides an overview and the opportunity to get your questions answered by representatives from local angel groups.

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    SpainFinance & Venture Capital

    Nico Goulet Founding Partner at Adara talks on Investment Opportunities at "Spanish Technology Entrepreneurs Go Global" event in Madrid
    A view on leveraging investment opportunities in the Spanish Market. Spain ranks third in Europe in the number of R&D centres opened by foreign multinationals behind only the UK and France. It provides an important number of engineers and has produced interesting start ups that have gone global.

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    GreeceFinance & Venture Capital

    StartSmart Greece: Case Study Presentation by Hussein Kanji
    "How, why and in what way do some startups succeed while others fail: Capitalizing on the "diffentiation factor". Hussein Kanji, Founding Partner, Hoxton Ventures

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    NYCFinance & VC

    Healthcare Venture Capital Corporate vs. Traditional VCs
    Join the MIT Enterprise Forum as we hear from a panel of venture capitalists who will discuss the differences between corporate and traditional venture capital funds, the way in which they source and structure investments