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    Adapting as the Rules Change: Walt Mossberg on the Progression of Technology
    According to The Wall Street Journal’s tech journalist, Walt Mossberg, “everything is changing” in regards to technology. Mossberg discusses that with the progression of technology – new computers, hardware, systems and apps – it’s unknown what will come next, but what is known is that the rules have changed.

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    MITEF Think Tank Session: The Future of Advertising
    The second of a series of MITEF Think Tank Sessions on The Future of X Tech perspectives for changing industries and changing audiences

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    Texas (Houston)Innovation

    Visionaries of Social Entrepreneurship
    This video is the Houston Public Media Dec 27th TV broadcast of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas program about how social entrepreneurship allows business professionals to change lives.

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    The Augmented Self — From Gucci to Google: Wearable Technology
    Wearable technology is touching all aspects of fashion and function as computing integrates with the human body. In this forum we’ll touch on the design aspects that critical for mass consumer adoption of wearable technology. Additionally, we’ll look at the possibilities of improving health care delivery using new technologies like Google Glass. Finally, issues of usability will be addressed, as these inevitably arise.

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    Pan Arab RegionInnovation

    The Arab World Meets Silicon Valley - June 2014
    Twenty Arab companies from various sectors came over to Silicon Valley for a week-long immersive program (June 8-14, 2014), where entrepreneurs participated in premier conference and took part in diverse workshop, mentorship, and pitching sessions with experts, industry leaders, investors, and other successful entrepreneurs.

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    Risk, Reward, and Resilience in an Age of Cyber-Crime and Counterfeiting
    Representatives from Microsoft, G2, KPMG, and the IACC visit the MIT Enterprise Forum Philadelphia chapter for an evening of discussion revolving around cyber crime prevention and counterfeiting around the globe. This video features highlights from the inaugural MIT Enterprise Forum of Philadelphia event Q&A with the panelists and interviews with chapter leadership.

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    Connected Things 2015
    This half-day conference focused on some of the more confusing areas of the Internet of Things. With a killer line-up of speakers that included, Dr. Alan Messer, Vice President of Advanced Software Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Philip Gerskovich, Senior Vice President, New Growth Platforms, Zebra and Jim Heppelmann, CEO, PTC. The event also featured a variety of thought leaders from sectors representing Industrial/Cleantech/Automotive, Healthcare and Retail/Security.

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    Change: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet Is Changing Our Lives
    Change: is the sixth issue of BBVA’s annual book series devoted to exploring the key issues of our time. This year, the chosen subject is the Internet, the single most powerful vector of change in recent history.

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    FinTech Leaders: Navigating Rough Seas and Uncharted Courses to Great Success
    The panel will be moderated by Larry Kramer, founder and former CEO of Marketwatch, he is also an Adjunct Professor and Author of "C-Scape: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today"

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