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    The Augmented Self — From Gucci to Google: Wearable Technology
    Wearable technology is touching all aspects of fashion and function as computing integrates with the human body. In this forum we’ll touch on the design aspects that critical for mass consumer adoption of wearable technology. Additionally, we’ll look at the possibilities of improving health care delivery using new technologies like Google Glass. Finally, issues of usability will be addressed, as these inevitably arise.

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    Jason Pontin presents MIT Technology Review's 50 Smartest Companies 2014
    MIT Technology Review published its annual 50 Smartest Companies list, highlighting the world’s most innovative technology companies.

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    Innovation Series Opportunities Away from the Crowd
    The March Innovation Series had two startup CEOs talking about their companies that are definitely not in the mainstream innovation tracks. This is a sixteen minute sample of the over hour long conversation.

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    Knowledge Banking for a Connected World
    Francisco Gonzalez, President and CEO of BBVA presents the book "Change: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet is Changing our Lives" and sets out his ideas on how the financial industry will have to transform and why banks will have to adapt to a "knowledge banking" model.

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    Innovation Seres Event - What's New in Innovation?
    What happens when you put together the best minds, tackling the most challenging dilemmas of our times? What if you could hear first hand the radically new ways to rethink global issues, dynamic product strategy, disruptive business models, new team dynamics and inventive go-to-market strategies? Our stellar panel has been re-thinking global issues, dynamic product strategies, and inventive go-to-market strategies? This is a twenty minute video sample of the over 1.5 hour event.

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    MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest 2013-2014 Chapter Highlights
    An active chapter since 1984, MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest's mission is to inspire, connect, and educate entrepreneurs in the Puget Sound technology and business community. We cater to the needs of local entrepreneurs, business leaders, technologists, venture capitalists, angel investors, financiers, MIT alumni, and service providers.

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    Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures/Business Plans Session 4 Part 2: Legal Issues with Joe Hadzima
    In this session, Joe Hadzima discusses the following: * Identifying and dealing with legal issues in the Business Plan * Securities laws and the Business Plan * Intellectual property law: patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets * Major hidden tax traps in starting a business: how to avoid generating phantom income and taxes

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    "The War for Talent" Fireside Chat with Drew Houston, CEO and cofounder of Dropbox
    Drew Houston, CEO and cofounder of Dropbox, is interviewed by Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review and Chairman of MIT Enterprise Forum about the company's success and his thoughts on how to attract top talent to a startup.

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    From Trinkets to Body Parts: 3D Printing - Transforming Sci-Fi Fantasy Into Reality
    The limits of 3D printing have expanded beyond the attention of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Imagine a young boy, born without fingers, lifting and grasping with a 3D printed hand or a woman speaking for the first time in years with a 3D printed jawbone. Astronauts will soon produce repair parts in space. And within a decade, doctors will transplant 3D printed kidneys and hearts.

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    Pan Arab RegionInnovation

    First Arab Pavilion of Startups at LeWeb Paris'13
    The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan-Arab Region, in partnership with ALJ Community Initiatives, brought the first ever Arab Pavilion of startups to LeWeb Paris'13.

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