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    GreeceStarting Up

    MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015: Highlights
    The first year of this technology accelerating competition, that aimed to unlock the growth potential of Greek startups and maximize their performance in order to scale faster and reach the global market, reached to an end. Tech startups bloom and may offer hope for the future. Watch some highlights of an amazing journey...

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    AtlantaStarting Up

    Atlanta Entrepreneurs Speak Out: David Moeller of CodeGuard
    David Moeller, CodeGuard CEO and co-founder, shares the company's latest updates since winning the Audience Choice award. At the MIT Enterprise Forum's Run It By The Pros event, Moeller discusses the importance of Atlanta entrepreneurial events that identify and support local startup companies along with the company's new direction.

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    CambridgeStarting Up

    #MITEF Cambridge Beantown Throwdown 2014
    Our #MITEF Cambridge Beantown Throwdown started out with this quick (and funny!) panel discussion led by Scott Kirsner, the Boston Globe’s Innovation Economy columnist and founder of Innovation Leader. Panelists included: Tom Coburn, CEO, Jebbit, Dip Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, ecoVent and Katie Rae, Managing Director, TechStars Boston and Project 11

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    NYCStarting Up

    Startup Showcase: Female Founders
    Several times each year we present a Startup Showcase featuring a number of innovative new companies who present their "VC pitches" to our audience and an esteemed panel of venture capitalists. Together with our audience, our panel offers helpful commentary and suggestions on how to be "investor ready".

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    Texas (Houston)Starting Up

    Short take: Bob Metcalfe on starting companies
    Dr. Bob Metcalfe spoke at the MIT Enterprise Forum Texas flagship program on April 4, 2013 about start-up innovation and his entrepreneurial experience of co-inventing the Ethernet, working at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, and founding 3Com. Russ Capper from the BusinessMakers Show is the interviewer.

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    NorthwestStarting Up

    The Hunt for Talent
    Startups can beat the big players competing for top talent in a tight labor market This program is tailored to entrepreneurs and managers at early-stage startups who want to optimize their hiring to find better employees, faster, and more efficiently. This is a “how to” session with the emphasis on practical techniques and tips, and lessons learned.

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    Pan Arab RegionStarting Up

    ArabConnect: Omar Gabr discusses SoLoMo
    The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan Arab Region kick-started a new series of Google+ Hangouts called ArabConnect, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. The first episode was focused on SoLoMo and featured speakers Nicolas Hammer, CEO and Founder of Critizr, and Omar Gabr, CEO and Co-founder of Instabug. Moderating was Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem. Seven hosts from Beirut, Gaza, Khartoum, Amman, Dubai, Cairo and Lille invited a selection of entrepreneurs to be a part of the hangout

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    SpainStarting Up

    Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp
    David Heinemeir Hansson talks about how important it is to him to have a manageable team so that he can continue programming, enjoying the craft of creating something. Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, (an open-source web framework he says that is optimized for programmer happiness), and Basecamp, the project management tool he developed with his team at 37signals,

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    PhiladelphiaStarting Up

    Triumphs & Trials of Life as an Entrepreneur (6/18/2015)
    Three businesses all received initial and growth funding in different manners, yet they all experienced and overcome similar obstacles and survived their formative years to enter into growth and expansion mode. They discuss: • steps taken to form their business • lessons learned during the process • best practices now in place and how they evolved • decision assessment with 20/20 hindsight

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